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We are the Owner’s Ambassador

Richwood Development Managers is a single-source development management, project management and tenant management firm. Richwood’s business is to bring profit to developer-owners more efficiently by orchestrating the handoff from development to construction to tenant management more efficiently. Richwood fills gaps between entities and project phases with proven processes and effective communication.


A Synergistic Approach. A Proven Formula

Richwood’s founder, David Bivolcic, is an expert at creating business synergy. No matter what the company’s business, he knows how to get all the pieces working.

As COO of a major technology company, Dave’s specialty was coordinating mergers and acquisitions from an operations standpoint. As CEO of a major General Contractor in Northern California, he reengineered the company’s focus and operations to make them one of the Bay Area’s fastest growing contractors.

As both a user and as a provider of construction services, David Bivolcic identified the critical need today’s clients have for a true owner’s representative; a professional who understands both sides.

Richwood Development Managers brings this synergistic approach to today’s developer-owners. Bivolcic has assembled a top team of development, financial and tenant coordination experts to provide clients with comprehensive owner representation services.

The Bottom Line is Owner ROI
Development is about seeing opportunities and turning vision into profit. Fulfilling that vision requires myriad details and multiple parties, all of which must be expertly managed. Every decision, every day on site, can either make or lose you money. Richwood strives to put time on your side to maximize your short-term and long-term return.



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