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As professional tenant management(TM) consultants, Richwood specializes in bridging the gaps between the development team and the leasing, construction and design teams, as well as property managers.

Like our Development Management (DM) and Project Management (PM) services, Tenant Management (TM) is another key area where Richwood’s broad-based experience provides a unique advantage to owner-developers.

Our background in mergers and acquisitions, operations and construction makes Richwood extremely effective at coordinating all the technical and financial details. Our stakeholder management skills make sure both owner and tenant needs are satisfied.

Whether you’re a national retailer or customizing a single white box, Richwood’s Tenant Management services smooth the way to a faster project closeout with solid investment return built into every lease.


TM Services

Design Criteria Manuals
Lease Exhibit Review
Construction Document Review
Lease Negotiation Assistance
Develop Lease Outline
Drawings (LOD)
Plan Reviews
Tenant Construction Manual
Permit Processing
Construction Oversight
Project Close-out







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